Become a Vendor at the Rail Yards Market: SUNDAYS MAY-October

Applications are currently available for part-time or less ON-CALL/WAITLIST opportunities at this time for non-food businesses; We welcome all applications, and will process within 60 days

FARM, FOOD & Neighborhood applications are prioritized

Dec 1st-Feb 1st: Regular season (May-Oct) applications open

Holiday Market (event in December) applications available July 1st-Oct 1st.

All prospective vendors must apply though our online application system; we do not accept paper or email applications. Please be sure you fully read our Rules and Regulations and Jury Criteria before you apply. All vendors, new and returning must apply each season.

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Create account @
  2. Fill out our market's application in your online account 
  3. Upload all business documents (as applicable) to your online account
  4. Pay non-refundable application processing fee online
  5. Jury will review and score your application
  6. Your status will be updated 
    1. By March 1st for May-Oct market: If you applied Oct-Feb 1st
    2. Within 60 days for May-Oct market: if you apply Feb 2nd-Sept 30th
    3. By Nov 1st for Holiday Market: If you apply July-Oct 1st (Holiday market has its own application)


Are you a new vendor and a resident of the Barelas, South Broadway or San Jose Neighborhood? Email for details about our program special for you, which includes low-cost booth fees for your first season.


Before applying to the Rail Yards Market ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my product/offering AFFORDABLE?
  2. Is my product/offering harvested, cooked, made by me LOCALLY?
  3. Does my business include locally sourced ingredients, provide cultural enrichment, and/or GIVE-BACK to the community in some way?

If you answered yes to these questions you may be the type of vendor we are looking for! Handmade artisan andbody product vendor applications are extremely competitive. See complete details below, and be sure to read our full Rules & Regulations and Jury Grading criteria before you apply...


From the backyard garden box to the wide  open fields, we present a wide assortment of fresh New Mexico producers of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants. Our market accepts SNAP and WIC, so farmers can grow their business, and get their healthy produce to everyone! We specifically seek vendors who:

  • Grow and harvest raw produce in Albuquerque or its 300 miles proximity
  • Utilize pesticide-free, organic, and/or sustainable practices
  • Employ traditional techniques
  • Are willing to collaborate, educate or share their farming knowledge
  • Promote heirloom crop varieties and seed preservation
  • Growers do NOT need a Business Registration


We host the best fresh cuisine offerings and locally crafted food in Albuquerque. Are you a chef with a tasty menu, a food creator with an innovative product, a family with a traditional recipe? We welcome vendors of freshly prepared meals, locally processed packaged products, and food trucks. We specifically seek food vendors who:

  • Prepare food with locally sourced, organic, healthy, and/or ingredients
  • Present a unique and price accessible menu
  • Employ NM traditional recipes and ingredients
  • Collaborate with local Growers & Farms
  • Have a current Business & Processing Facility registration
  • Menus/offerings include affordable items  $5 and under


Our full vision incorporates healers and makers of products for the wellness of mind, body, & soul. We host Health and Wellness businesses that provide services such as massage, acupuncture, and more. We also seek vendors who make body care products with the utmost attention to local-sourcing, sustainability, and cooperation, and:

  • Make products from scratch
  • Locally source ingredients and/or collaborate with local Growers
  • Use sustainable or fair-trade oils, butters, packaging
  • Do not use palm oils, artificial ingredients or dyes, or made-from-kit components
  • Have an educational or interactive aspect
  • Have a current Business Registration


Local makers, artisans, and crafts people comprise less than 50% of our total vendor presentation. We do have limited space for artisans and creators of price-accessible utilitarian products. We keep a special eye out for quality and relevance seeking vendors who:

  • Create their product from scratch with their own hands
  • Include sustainably and or local  sourced materials
  • Have price accessible products available to low-income families
  • Provide cultural enrichment, education, or collaboration
  • Want to be actively involved in the market community
  • Have mission and values aligned with the RYM's
  • Have a current Business Registration

ALL VENDORS (excluding Growers of Raw Produce only) MUST have a currentBusiness Registration. Food vendors must have a Processing Facility Registration. Visit the City of ABQ website for more details HERE.

Vendors products are pre-approved by a jury of community members and staff, and vendors cannot sell anything that they have not made themselves including bottled water, cokes, non-locally packed chips etc..

Arts & Crafts vendor applications ARE open dec-feb 1st.

Applications submitted before Feb 1st will receive notification by March 1st. Non-Food applications submitted after Feb 1st will receive notice with 60 days, and typicallygo to a waitlist if approved by jury.

FARM & FOOD applications 

In the spirit of our vision, the market is primarily interested in providing opportunities to locals who are conscious and committed to ideas of sustainability, conservation, and cooperation. We are committed to the preservation of New Mexico heirloom crop varieties, and open our hearts to local Growers of raw produce first-and-foremost. Ideally, the market is interested in supporting food producers and crafters who are creating products from scratch, using local ingredients sourced from local growers, and creating these products in our community for our community.

We are proud to host some of the most innovative and creative farms, educators, and small businesses in Albuquerque, and provide a hub for over 2,000-5,000 locals and tourists to visit every Sunday during May-October for inspiration and nourishment.

We have worked very hard to make market fees reasonable and attainable to small businesses like yours, so you can offer your best to the community. Booth spaces (8ft wide x 10ft deep) start at $5 for Growers of Raw NM Produce, and $20 for food, healing, and artisan vendors. Fees and payment information can be found in the application.

Food & Farms participate every week. Most non-food vendors will be on a every-other-week rotation. Non-food vendors can participate in full-season placement by jury approval and additional fees. 

Vendors products are pre-approved by a jury of community members and staff, and vendors cannot sell anything that they have not made themselves including bottled water, cokes, non-locally packed chips etc..

Rail Yards Market firmly feels that the following fall OUTSIDE of our areas of interest:

  • NO Resale, imports, outsourcing, antiques, non-handmade, consignment, nor product consultation of any kind. No bottled water or non-locally packaged chips, sodas, etc.
  • NO franchised companies where sales or fees go to a larger national or parentcorporation.
  • NO political candidate campaigning or party-specific advocacy. 
  • NO Prepared foods containing primarily non-health-conscious and/or non-locally-sourced ingredients from large corporations and Big-Box stores.
  • NO Businesses with Drug, Alcohol sales, and/or Political affiliations
  • NO Melt and pour soap. Commercially manufactured lotions and products purchased in bulk that are tinted and scented and resold as handmade.
  • NO Products or foods, such as sandwiches, lip balms, cards, etc., that are purchased pre-made from a manufacturer and re-branded and resold as handmade.
  • NO Products containing Palm Oils and other non-sustainable Oils.
  • NO Products containing Fragrance Oils and/or other additives (preservatives, colorants, etc.) that are artificial, chemical, and/or carcinogenic in nature.

The market encourages businesses who fall into these categories to apply to other markets so that everyone may find their niche.



10am-2pm, Sundays, May-October

10-4pm in December for Holiday Market

777 1st Street SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Voicemail: 505-600-1109