RAIL YARDS MARKET farm to car: online ordering CLOSED UNTIL SPRING 2021


How does it work?

STEP 1: preorder online

  • Make a quick online account, so we can contact you about your order as needed.
  • Please be sure to add your first & last name to your account, so your pickup is smooth.
  • Ordering is open Mon-Fri 9am-9am.
  • Select items to a cart just like a grocery store.
  • The system will store for your credit card to order


  • Confirm pickup method -park/pickup, curbside and delivery are all available.
  • Check-out and pay for order.
  • Unconfirmed orders are not processed.
  • SNAP/EBT/WIC: Select the "EBT" payment method for eligible items, and you will pay with your SNAP card when you pickup.

STEP 3: Pickup

  • Masks are required during pickup.
  • Drive to the Rail Yards to pick-up Sunday10am-12pm.
  • Follow signs to park in designated preorder or curbside spots.
  • Walk to info booth or vendor booths to pickup orders.
  • Curbside Service: Welcome staff will load your order in your car when you drive up
  • Deliveries: Expect deliveries Saturday between 2-6pm
  • Respect physically distanced lines, and be prepared to be patient as we safely provide your orders. 
  • Display paper with name (first & last) or receipt on dashboard if you have prearranged drive thru pickup.

SNAP/EBT Customers

Using your Nutrition benefits at the Market express Farm to Car Market Express is easy! Pay with EBT, WIC/Senior voucher checks, or Fresh Rx when you pickup. You'll pay at info booth and/or get tokens to pay vendor. All local fruits & veggies are eligible for Double Up Foods Bucks- a buy-one-get-one free program that matches your SNAP dollars for fresh & local produce.


We’re here for you and happy to help you place an order! For assistance, please call 505-600-1109 or email RYMoutreach@gmail.com


If the prices, pick-up logistics, or the online ordering/payment process present a challenge, email RYMoutreach@gmail.com and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

WALKIN visitors

While we strongly encourage drive thu pickup, we know that everyone does not have a vehicle. We have limited walk-in pickup. Please keep distance in lines.Please respect the 6ft marks and keep distance from other customers and staff.


?Necesitas ayuda en español?

Estamos aquí para ayudarles! Manda un correo electrónico a RYMOutreach@gmail.com para servicios en Español. 

Can I do drive thru pickup?

Display paper with name (first & last) or receipt on dashboard if you have prearranged drive thru pickup.

What is the market doing to increase safety?

Farmers Markets are deemed essential, however to do our part in stopping the spread of infectious disease, the Rail Yards Market is moving to a pre-order & pick-up market operation plan until further notice. 

  • Enacting all CDC guidelines for Food businesses.
  • Enforcing all State requirements for Farmers Markets as Essential Businesses.
  • See our full COVID-19 Safety Policy here.
  • Increased physical distancing, sanitation, personal protection, and training are all in effect for staff and vendors.
  • All food products are prepared in a commercial commissary before delivery.
  • Refrigerated food is kept on ice in coolers.
  • Produce is pre-washed, but we ALWAYS recommend for you to wash your produce before eating.

How caN I HELP?

Support local! At this time the best way anyone can help the market and our local economy is to support the vendors via online ordering. Shop your hearts away!

We welcome donations to help keep our non-profit project going. Donate HERE.

Can I volunteer? To maintain the safest environment, we are only hosting staff, vendors and board members with food and safety training.

Can I sponsor? The market desperately needs donations and sponsors!! If you are able to Sponsor please email Railyardsmarket@gmail.com for further information.

refund policy?

We recognize that mistakes happen, and we are happy to help. We thank everyone for understanding and patience with this new/pilot program. Vendors work hard to make and harvest your items locally, and staff put in extra effort to procure your order and verify it is correct. 

  • All sales are final.
  • Order modifications: Most modification sent before 8:59am on Friday (for Sunday pickup) can be accommodated. 
  • Missing items: Please check your order immediately after pickup; if an item is missing email railyardsmarket@gmail.com to resolve by 2pm on Sunday. Depending on the items, we can work to get you the missing items, or provide a store credit.
  • We are unable to provide items/credits if not notified by 2pm on pickup date.
  • Returns/Refunds: For safety reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanged food at this time. The market cannot provide refunds for goods/services that customers have received.
  • Forgotten Orders: Orders that are not picked up by 1pm on Sunday will be donated, without refund to customer.

How can snap customers shop?

To reserve an order online with EBT/SNAP, WIC/Senior voucher checks, or Fresh Rx, simply select the EBT payment option when confirming your order. All grocery items are eligible to purchase with your SNAP card.All local fruits & veggies are eligible for Double Up Foods Bucks- a buy-one-get-one free program that matches your SNAP dollars for fresh & local produce. 

Why does the market charge a pickup fee?

As of Nov 1st, 2020, 10% of sales proceeds are donated to the non-profit market. There is a pickup fee for $3.50, or a delivery in ABQ for $10  (this covers about 25% of our operation costs). We gratefully accept donations to help out with our non-profit operation. Donations help us pay for the  software costs, safety equipment, processing/bank fees, supplies, boxes, food storage like ice/freezers/refrigeration, packaging, PPE, infrastructure (like tents, barricades, and signs), and staff needed to run the market and pickup operation. Our savings, vendor fees, and some municipal/federal grants are helping fund the rest of this program. Every little bit helps!


10am-2pm, Sundays, May-October

10-4pm 2nd weekend of December for Holiday Market

777 1st Street SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Email: RailYardsMarket@gmail.com
Voicemail: 505-600-1109