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Pasta Verano

This week's corn is from Farmer’s Daughters, a New Mexico Farm-To-Table company that partners with the best restaurants, breweries, and food trucks to serve the freshest ingredients from local farms. Farmer's Daughters come from a 4th generation New Mexican family that has been farming in Corrales, New Mexico on the central Rio Grande for over a century. Their mission is to maintain, preserve, and protect New Mexico's agricultural heritage through the cultivation of the land, offering its bounty to others, hosting community events, and providing educational opportunities to the community. And, of course, they also sell their produce and farm products at local farmers’ markets like Rail Yards Market!

Peach Gazpacho         w/ Zucchini Hash

You get some awesome peaches from Montoya's Farm in this basket. Here's a bit on their story:

Tonie Montoya has been farming since he was 6 years old. Today, he and his family work together to manage their 600 tree orchard of peaches, plums, cherries, and apples, as well as their garden of tomatoes and peppers, amongst other crops. Even his granddaughters are involved! Traveling extensively throughout the Western US, and learning from the people who work the orchards, Tonie has mastered the art and science of producing prize fruit. With his 60 years of experience in the field {literally}, he admits that at the end of the day, it’s hard work that makes it happen. He hopes to see more people growing their own food and canning it as time goes on, ‘just like the old days’.

As always, the Rail Yards Recipe Basket is a great way to eat seasonally and support Tonie and a number of other local producers. Come by the market and get yours! Sunday, 10-2

Rainbow Stir Fry

We hope you have the thyme this week, 'cause our delicious, cheesy, gluten free biscuit definitely does, and it only takes 10-20 minutes to bake! A flavorful savory treat, complete with Chinampa Farms radishes, and Virginia's rosemary.  Add the Purple Haze carrots, French green beans, and fried egg on the side, and you've got a filling, healthy, local meal!

As with every Sunday, the Rail Yards Market has your ticket to eating seasonally and affordably, with a 6-step recipe box packed with everything you need to make it happen for two people. Only 15 get made, so come claim yours early. In the meantime, let's learn more about the fine folks who grow the radishes for this week.

Before Chinampa Farm was founded in the South Valley 5 years ago, the De la Rosa family were growing for a decade prior in Durango, Mexico. Their skill and passion is clearly demonstrated by a quick glance at their table. From chile, to purple haze carrots, banana peppers, to cilantro and lemon cucumbers. More than anything, they're having fun over at Chinampa, trying out new organic hybrids that excite them, and doing what they love to do. "This is our hobby, but we just happen to get paid for it a little bit," says Rafael, the son {Rafael is also the dad}. "It's hard work keeping it all in check, but it feels good to grow our own food in our backyard. When we want to eat, we don't have to go to the store . . . it's right there. It's an important skill to have." In addition, they're glad to bring their abundance to market, and get to be a part of helping a lot of people eat well. 

Blue Corn Tortilla    "Beet Burger"

This week we've put together a simple plant-based beet and Anasazi bean {and onion} 'burger' for you, served on a blue corn tortilla with daikon microgreens and coriander chutney . . . curry spiced potatoes on the side. It's delicious! The three ingredients in the burger make a mix that is easy to form into patties, and flip in the frying pan.

Though we always do, with this recipe we're really bringing in our vendor community to make it possible. The beets are grown in the East Mountains by Mountain View Growers {more on them in the 'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food' spotlight}, the daikon microgreens by Fidel at Los Jardines de Moktezuma, onions by Harvest Gifts, and potatoes from Amyo Farms. Then, we've got Tortilleria Cuauhtemoc with the blue corn tortillas, and the talented Vernon and Cassie duo with My Sweet Basil, debuted at the Rail Yards Market this Sunday, and bringing their coriander chutney with them. The Anasazi beans come from Frank Storey, but after a rendezvous on Monday, have been taken back to San Felipe Pueblo to be prepared with the expert care of Tara Benavidez. There's a lot of story in this little box we're putting together . . . and a healthy, filling meal for two, as well. Only 15 of them, for now, so come get yours on the early side! When you build off solid, flavorful ingredients like this, you can't go wrong. Catch you this Sunday, eh.

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