Vendor resources + orientation

Vendor resources & orientation

This page is for approved participating vendors at the Rail Yards Market. All participating vendors have an online account where they submit payments, etc.

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Last Updated 9/11/23

  • Application time!
    • Due Oct 1st: Holiday Market application
    • Dec 1st: Valentine Market application
    • Due Feb 1st: May-Oct application
  • Super Sundays Key: We are growing! 
    • Until new maps can be updated use the following to know where you are going..
    • Stall #'s <100 = Outdoors Plaza
    • 100-199= Indoors Blacksmith Shop
    • 200-299= Indoors Tender Repair Shop
    • >300= Indoors Boiler Shop
  • Log into your account to check schedule. 
  • Monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month. 
  • You may request dates  or stall variations with scheduling form. Requests more than 2 dates per month might not be accommodated. 

Are you ready for market?? The above slides have answers and links to frequently asked questions and documents. They are not meant to replace the Rules & Regulations of the Rail Yards Market.


PROMOTIONS: How does the Rail Yards Market promote? We print 12,000+ flyers, and do printed advertising, billboards and work with community partners to get the word out. But we need your help too! Here are 3 ways you can help promote your business at the market:

  1. Pick up some flyers at our office (1309 4th Street SW 87102) and distribute them in your community!
  2. Share and post your content to our facebook official event pages
  3. Invite all your friends to the official Rail Yards Market facebook event pages, and share the events often
  4. Like, follow, and tag the Rail Yards Market on instagram and facebook
  5. Download the latest special vendor graphics and use them on your web and social media.




10am-2pm, Sundays, May-October

10-4pm in December for Holiday Market

777 1st Street SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Voicemail: 505-600-1109