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Poutine de Burque

Though it’s not clear who the originator was, poutine emerged from Quebec in the late 1950’s with three simple tenets . . . fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. Served at diners called cantines in Quebec, or ‘potato shacks’, the dish, though at first receiving mixed or even negative reviews, has definitely caught on with the rest of the world. There are even festivals held across Canada and the Northern US, dedicated to what some say is a Québécois slang word for ‘mess. Down here at the Rail Yards Market in New Mexico, we did to poutine just what we’re supposed to do . . . add green chile! And ‘tis the season. For some extra nutrients, and to keep it farm fresh, we’re mixing in the kale and green onions. We hope you enjoy this Canadian transplant!

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Rail Yards Recipes is an innovative program that makes eating fresh, healthy, and local food easy and fun! Each plentiful basket includes a colorful recipe with seasonal and fresh ingredients from small local farms and businesses from the middle Rio Grande Valley, with an emphasis on products from Rail Yards Market vendors. A detailed instructions card features educational information on how to use cooking equipment, information on farms and vendors who supply products, easy-to-follow verbal and visual steps make cooking the meal easy even for the most inexperienced chef-to-be. Ingredients are pre-portioned, and recipes are designed to create a hearty and healthy meal for two.

Eating local is easy and affordable with Rail Yards Recipes! Each basket is priced on a sliding scale model; our goal is to increase access to local and fresh ingredients, so we offer discount pricing for multiple baskets for families and low-income and EBT customers. 

Recipe Baskets are currently available for pick-up at the market from 10am-2pm (as supplies last).

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